Fortunato Chelleri (1690 -1757) was an Italian Baroque composer. From his hand is a small bundle of 6 Fughe per il organo, composed around 1725. They are works that forshadow the galant and even the classical period. Each of the fugues starts as a 4 part piece and each of the fugues each of the 6 fugues abandons the strict 4 part counterpoint immiadetely after or even during the exposition. In the remaining of each piece Chelleri alternates virtuosic passage work with the occasional repetition of the theme of the fugue. The second fugue is no exception. After 17 bars of (not very strict) contrapuntal writing, the music gives way to passage work, based on broken chords.

The recording was done with the sampleset of the Onderhorst Kabinetorgel in Bennekom.

Chelleri, Fuga 2



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