The prelude to “Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten” is already the third of the 7 choral preludes by Kirchhoff’s hand I intend to publish. Kirchhoff gave it the form of an organ Trio with the choral melody as bass melody. It is a bit surprising how simple and straigthforward the piece is written. There is no ingenious counterpoint or complicated harmonic progressions to be found, just a three part texture that does it’s job as choral prelude very nicely.

The recording was done on the sample set of the Müller-organ in the Sint Bavokerk in Haarlem by Voxus Organs for Hauptwerk.

pdf_iconKirchhoff, Wer nur der lieben Gott lässt walten

Kirchhoff, Wer nur der lieben Gott lässt walten

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