Manuscript Mus ms Bach P287, owned by the Staatbibliothek zu Berlin, contains 6 keyboard fugues by Johann Christian Kittel. They are amongst the first works I transcribed, back in 2014, practising my engraving software and trying out different layouts for my scores. I never published them, because they were to difficult for me to play, and I didn’t have a suitable sample set for small scale works like these. The new sample set of the OInderhorst Kabinet organ in Bennekom, produced by Legro (palindrom of ‘orgel’, the Dutch word for organ) is ideal for these works. So it’s time to finally publish these 6 fugues. In these fugues Kittel show himself to be an able contrapuntician. The fugues are a bit stiff, yet are very nice to play. I had a fun day recording these 6 fugues.

The recording was done with the sampleset of the Onderhorst Kabinetorgel in Bennekom. I did not use the extension, so it could be played like this on the real organ.

Kittel, Fuga a 3 voce, G Dur



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