The composer of the prelude on folio 38 of manuscript Ms Lynar B3 is indicated with the initials “M.D.O”. It is therefore believed that this prelude was composed by Martin Düben. In tonality and atmosphere it is a lot like the Præludium quarti Toni by Wilhelm Karges. Karges was the assistant of Andreas Düben, the brother of Martin Düben. If this prelude was indeed composed by Martin Düben, it is not unlikely Karges was familiar with it, and used it as a model or inspiration for his own composition. Alas, there is no proof of this, only speculation. The prelude itself is a nice enough piece, flowing in long lines in a gentle motion. Ideal for the Principal of the Silbermann organ in Zöblitz, mixed with the Quintadena, and softened by the tremulant. Well, tremulant is probably a bit over the top, but I like it anyway.

The recording was done with the sample set of the Silbermann organ of the Stadtkirche Zöblitz by Prospectum.

pdf_iconAnonymus, M.D.O. Praeludium

Anonymus, M.D.O. Praeludium



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