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Rudolf Löw, Fuga g moll

Rudolf Löw’s opus 1 consists of 12 compositions for the pipe orgen. Of these, I have already published 11 (you can find the scores here: The 12th and final composition is a fugue...


Anonymus, Psalm 24 (Lynar B7)

Manuscript Ms Lynar B7 (the seventh of the so-called Lübbenauer Orgeltabulaturen) contains 5 anonymous choral preludes/variations to Psalms and one to the choral “Erhalt uns Herr”. They were probably composed by a contemporary or...


Anonymus, Psalm 100 (Lynar B7)

The Lynar manuscripts were preserved in the holdings of the Duke of Lynar in Lübbenau, and are therefore also known as the Lübbenauer Orgeltabulaturen. The seventh manuscript in the B-series contains 5 anonymous choral...