This prelude is somewhat different from the other preludes from manuscript Ms Lynar B3 I published until now. It’s form does not consist of three seperate sections and there is no imitatory section. This one has a virtuosic solo voice, that is accompanied by the other voices in mostly longer notes. As the title says it should be performed on two different manuals, with (probably) a stronger registration for the right hand part. In my performance I play both hands on the same manual. I must admit that that was not a conscious decision: I just forgot to play on two manuals.

The recording was done on the sampleset, made by Voxus, of the Matthijs van Deventer-orgel in the Grote Kerk, Hijkerk.

pdf_iconAnonymus, Praeludium secundi Toni

Anonymus, Præludium secundi Toni



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