This is the second anonymous Ricercar, taken from the Organbook of Matthias Rottenau. In the manuscript it is only a few pages away from the one I published last week. It sounds like it could have been composed by the same anonymous composer. The counterpoint in this piece is not very advanced, it simply creates music that is pleasant to play and to listen to. The final chord is the first indication I encountered in this manuscript that the pedals could be used. The chord is too large for my hands to play, so for the final D I use a foot.

The recording was done on the sample set of the Bader-organ in the Walburgiskerk in Zutphen by Sonus Paradisi for Hauptwerk.

HW: Prestant 8′, Octaaf 4′
RW: Quintadeen 8′

pdf_iconAnonymus, Ricercar primi toni



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