Carl August Thielo (1702 – 1763) was born in Høsterkøb in Nordsjælland, but he moved early in live to Germany. He received his musical education from Johann Gottfried Walther, amongst others. At the age of 18, Thielo returned to Copenhagen, where he tried to become a music teacher, but it was not a lucrative position. In 1733 he married Judithe Kielsen, and in 1735 they got the daughter Caroline Amalie, who became one of the Danish actors’ first actresses. In 1746 Thielo founded the first opera house in Denmark and became it’s first director. Nowadays, his published collections of music from The Danish Theater together with his textbook in music are central sources of the musical practice in Denamrk in the first half of the 18th century.

Among his publication is a collection of ‘galant’ pieces, published in 1753. It is a collection of keyboard pieces, both original and transcriptions of orchestral pieces, and vocal pieces. Thielo was probably more the editor of this collection then the composer, but since no information is given in the publication this remains uncertain.

The source for this Edition is the copy of this edition from 1753, held by the Kongelige Bibliothek in Kopenhagn. In this Edition all keyboard pieces from the 1753 edition are present, but not the vocal pieces. The title to the original edition aptly describes the musical content: galant pieces, not too difficult, but pleasant to play and to listen to.

pdf_iconThielo, Musikaliske Galanterie Stycker



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