In Tag’s prelude to the choral “Aus meinen Herzens Grunde” the choral melody is played with the left hand. The right hand and, when not playing the choral melody, the left hand as well, provide a lively accompaniment, while the pedal moves in a steady pulse of quarter notes. Tag uses forms and techniques of the Baroque, yet is clearly a man of his own time. This piece is almost entirely written with paralel thirds and sixths. It creates a shiny, light atmosphere, a bit like Mozart’s concerto for two piano’s, that employs the same extensive writing in paralel thirds and sixths. A Baroque master of counterpoint would have frowned upon so much paralel motion. But I like it!

The recording was done on the sample set of the Van Dam organ (1832) in Tholen by Voxus Organs for Hauptwerk.

pdf_iconTag, Aus meinen Herzens Grunden

Tag, Aus meinen Herzens Grunden

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