Christian Heinrich Rinck (1770 – 1846) published his “24 leicht ausführbahre Trios für the Orgel” (24 easy playable trios for organ) as opus 20. A modern edition of 12 of these trios is available in the series “Incognita Organo” of Harmonia. The complete opus is available from Edition Musica Rinata, 2007.
An old edition containing eight of the trios is available online.

Johannes Zundel (1815 – 1882) was born in Germany, but emigrated to the United States to become John Zundel. Among his many works is a work called “The Modern School for the Organ” (Boston, Massachusetts: 1860). In the preface Zundel writes “the voluntaries are mostly selected from the works of Rinck, (whose pupil the author had the good fortune to be, and from whom he received a number of compositions, which are now herein for the first time published,) Schneider, Best, and others.”.
On the pages 104-116 he presents 8 of the 24 trios from Rinck’s opus 20. I’ll publish three of them now, perhaps I’ll do the other 5 at a later date.

The third of the three is in b flat minor.

The recording was done on the sample set of the Müller-organ in the Sint Bavokerk in Haarlem by Voxus Organs for Hauptwerk.

Bw: Schalmei 8′, Dolcean 8′, Vox Humana 8′ (RH)
Hw: Roerfluit 8′, Quintpraestant 3′, Oboe 8′ (LH)
Ped: ‘Holfluit 8′, Trompet 8’

pdf_iconRinck, Trio b flat minor




  1. Benjamin

    December 31, 2016 at 14:39


    Good evening,
    Is it possible to help you and participate by contributing to your project? I’ve typesetted one another Rinck Trio, the first in f minor, from Zundel’s publication, in Lilypond format…
    Bets wishes from Paris

    • admin

      January 3, 2017 at 19:03


      Happy New Year!
      Thanks for your offer. You’re actually the first who offers to participate, so until now I had not given it much thought. I’d be happy to post your score of the f minor Trio. But there is the matter of consistency. All my scores have the same look and feel and I’d like to continue that. Would you share the source with me so I can mould it in the templates I use for Partitura Organum? To indicate the typesetting is your work I could for example add your name to the copyright line at the end of the score.
      And I always make a recording of the published piece. Could you provide a recording as well? Or would you want me to play it?
      Regards, and best wishes from Woudenberg (okay, I’ll admit: Paris sounds better… 😉 )

  2. Benjamin

    January 3, 2017 at 21:26


    thank you very much!
    as you requested, here is the lilypond code below
    (you may delete this message after if you wish)

    You may freely modify, arrange etc… as you want.
    I do not plan to record it, but I may propose to typeset more organ music for you in Llypond format.
    I already knew the famous Berlin library scans of organ music before visiting your site. There is a lot more music to transcribe by the way.

    Just wanted to congratulate for the beauty and the excellent collection works (marvelous design by the way) of the CHoral preludes, Simon Lohet music etc…

    have a nice evening

    [Lilypond source cut]

    • admin

      January 4, 2017 at 09:07


      Thanks for the compliments and for the source. The Berlin library is a great treasure of manuscripts to typeset, and there are more libraries that publish part of their manuscript collection online. It’ll take years to transcribe it al, so I’d welcome any contributions.
      However, the webinterface does something weird with the source. The right hand part is missing and the layout-section seems garbled. I suspect it’s the “< <" and ">>” that’s causing the problems. Perhaps best to send the source as a file attachement to “”.

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