The second prelude by David Abel in manuscript Ms Lynar B3 is very similar to the one I published yesterday. The main difference is that it is shorter. The manuscript indicates it as just “Praeludium” and not as “Praeludium pedaliter” like the first one. That raises the question whether or not this second prelude should be played with pedals as well. As it is so alike the first one in atmosphere and style of composition, I think it safe to say that this second one is not meant as a manualiter composition. In my performance I therefore use the pedals, and in the score I created it is notated on three staves.

The recording was done with the sample set of the Silbermann organ of the Stadtkirche Zöblitz by Prospectum.

pdf_iconAbel, Praeludium (2)

Abel, Praeludium



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