Fortunato Chelleri (1690 -1757) was an Italian Baroque composer. From his hand is a small bundle of 6 Fughe per il organo, composed around 1725. They are works that forshadow the galant and even the classical period. Each of the fugues starts as a 4 part piece and each of the fugues each of the 6 fugues abandons the strict 4 part counterpoint immiadetely after or even during the exposition. The fourth fugue is the second of the two with a minor tonality. It has a chromatic theme which leads to a very serious mood in the first third of the fugue. Then Chelleri’s sunny disposition breaks through and the music gets a very uplifting character. However, Chelleri ends the fugue in the mood of the theme with a long pedal point and poignant chords. Again a very nice fugue, taht lends itself very well for a short interludium during service.

The recording was done on the sample set of the Johann Cyriacus Werner organ Müller-organ in the Pfarrkirchin Strassburg, by Piotr Gabrowsky for Hauptwerk.

Chelleri, Fuga 4



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