Friedrich Christian Samuel Mohrheim (1719 – 1780) was a German musician. He attended the Thomasschule in Leipzig from 1733 to 1736, and, like other J.S. Bach’s pupils, acted as copyist for him during this period. His handwriting is recognizable in copies of for example the Mattheus Passion. In 1764 he became Kapellmeister in the Marienbasilika in Danzig where he remained till his death.

Mohrheim wrote several works for organ, including the 7 Trio’s, included in present Edition. The source for this Edition is manuscript Mus. Ms. 30190, held by the Staatbibliothek Berlin, and made available to the public in digital form.

All 7 Trio’s were posted seperately on this site. Now they are all integrated into one Edition. A pdf is available below. A printed copy can be ordered at The costs are the costs of lulu, there is no profit in it for me (there is of course a margin for lulu).

pdf_iconMohrheim, Trio Edition

Audio pre’view’
Mohrheim, Trio 1, G dur

Audio pre’view’
Mohrheim, Trio 5, C du




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