Kauffmann’s second prelude to the melody of chorale “Valet wil ich dir geben” is again a piece with an unusual registration prescription. No indication however which hand should play on which manual. Perhaps Kauffmann meant it the other way around than I as play it.

The recording was done on the sample set of the Müller-organ in the Sint Bavokerk in Haarlem by Voxus Organs for Hauptwerk.

BW: Quintadena 16′, Praestant 8′, Baarpijp 8′ (LH)
HW: Woudfluit 2′ (RH)
RW: Quintadena 8′, Holpijp 8′, Fluit Douce 4′

Kauffmann, Valet wil ich dir geben (alio modo)

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