The ‘Prealudium zu einem Dank- oder Lobliede’ is transcribed from “The Wöchentliche Nachrichten und Anmerkungen die Musik betreffend”. This journal appeared weekly in Leipzig from 1 July 1766 to 24 December 1770. Most of the eight page issues contained one or two main articles, usually published in installments, followed by short reviews and a piece of music. Johann Adam Hiller (1728 – 1804) was the editor, initiator and almost sole contributor to the WNA. Some time ago I posted two other pieces from this journal (a Fughetta and a chorale prelude on Freu dich sehr o meine Seele)
These pieces go without a named composer in the journal. I suspect they are from Hiller himself, but this is only a supposition, there is no proof of it. The piece posted today is not bound to any specific chorale melody. It can be used as a not too difficult pre- inter- or postludium on any festive occasion.

The recording was done on the sample set of the Van Dam organ (1832) in Tholen by Voxus Organs for Hauptwerk.

pdf_iconHiller, Präludium zu einem Lob- und Dankliede




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