Johann Christoph Oley (1738 – 1789) was a German organist and composer. In 1755 he became organist of the church in Bernburg, but moved to the church of St Stephan in neighbouring Aschersleben in January 1762 because of its superior organ. At least 77 works for organ solo by his hand survive. The most interesting combine his fondness for strict canon with passages in the more expressive style.

The 26 works in present Edition are based on manuscript Mus. Ms. 30190, held by the Staatbibliothek Berlin, and made available to the public in digital form. They were posted seperately on this site. Now they are integrated into one edition. A pdf is available below. A printed copy can be ordered at The costs are the costs of lulu, there is no profit in it for me (there is of course a margin for lulu).

pdf_iconOley, Variierte Choräle Edition Edition

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Oley, Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern (Rotterdam)

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