Johann Heinrich Buttstett, Christ lag in Todesbanden

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3 Responses

  1. David Bedlow says:

    Are you sure that this piece is by Buttstett? I thought it was attributed to Heinrich Bach, but I don’t know how certain this is.

    • admin says:

      The source is a manuscript by Johann Gottfried Walther and he ascribes it to “HB”. In its catalogue the Berlin Library ascribes ot to Buttstett. I follow that ascription.
      “HB” could mean Heinrich Bach as well. And there are some similarities by Heinrich Bach’2 chorale prelude “Erbarm dich mein” (
      So, to answer your question: no I am not sure, yet I have no conclusive evidence either way. For now I might as well stick with Buttstett.

  2. David Bedlow says:

    Many thanks for your reply. I see the ambiguity: HB could be Heinrich Buttstett or Heinrich Bach. I am grateful to you for the source information and the details of the Berlin Library catalogue. I was surprised because I have only ever seen or heard of this piece attributed to Heinrich Bach previously.

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