Yesterday I stumbled by accident on a recording of an organ trio in g minor, by Bach, I had never heard before, with the BWV number 584. I remember the excitement I felt in my youth when I heard an organ piece by Bach I had not heard before. And that’s how I felt yesterday. In all those years playing and listening to organ music, I somehow never wondered what came between the Trio in d minor (BWV 583) and the Trio, after Fasch, in c minor (BWV 585). And it doesn’t get played in concerts, otherwise I would have heard it long before yesterday.
The reason probably is that this Trio is very likely not by Bach. The musical substance is definitely by Bach as it is based on the tenor aria from the cantata ” Wo gehest du hin”, BWV 166. The oboe part from this aria is the right hand part in this trio, and the basso continuo part has become the pedal part. The left hand part is completely new. And that is something astonishing, because for the largest part it feels completely natural, as if it that part was written for the original aria. The trio can be found in a manuscript that originates from long after Bach’s death. Perhaps the scribe had access to a part of the original aria that has since been lost. Or perhaps he created it anew. Fact is that the oboe part is written in a way that allows it to create a secondary voice with the same material. For example, the left hand part enters in bar one, with material from bar 12 and onward of the original oboe part, transposed a fifth down.
As the left hand is probably not by Bach, I took the liberty to make some alterations. As the first bars of the left hand part are based on the right hand part from bar 12 and onward, it is strange that the left hand part in bar 12 and onward doesn’t follow the right hand part from bar one and onward (yes, do read that sentance again… ). I took the liberty to ‘correct’ this. The original from the manuscript is indicate in a footnote.

The recording was done on the sample set of the Müller-organ in the Sint Bavokerk in Haarlem by Voxus Organs for Hauptwerk.

Bach, Trio g moll, BWV 584



  1. Klaas Spijker

    May 16, 2018 at 14:16


    Dag Auke,
    Wellicht dat Eduard van Hengel je nieuwe informatie biedt over de herkomst van dit trio.

    • admin

      May 18, 2018 at 11:01


      Dag Klaas,
      Bedankt voor de link. Leuk artikel om te lezen. Als de linkerhandpartij dan toch een oorspronkelijke vioolpartij van Bach zelf is geweest, zal het niet door veel mensen gewaardeerd worden dat ik er wijzigingen in heb aangebracht. Toch denk ik dat het met de wijzigingen een beter orgelstuk is. Nu ja, de oorspronkelijke noten staan er bij dus iedereen kan kiezen.

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