Christian Heinrich Rinck, Trio A flat major, op. 20 nr 17

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  1. Anon Nym says:

    The Trio is truly from Rinck (op. 20 Nr. 17). A modern edition of op. 20 is available from Edition Musica Rinata 5.242.00 (24 dreistimmige Orgelstücke durch alle Tonarten op. 20). The Opus is now avaible from Sonat-Verlag (

    • admin says:

      Thanks, that is good to know. I’ll update the description accordingly. The next two uploads will be the trios in D major and in b flat minor. You happen to know the numbers of those two? Then I can give the correct description.

  2. Anon Nym says:

    D major is Nr. 5 and b flat minor is Nr. 22. The Opus is in ascending order from C Major to b minor.

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