Hans Leo Hassler, Vater unser im Himmelreich (der erste Theil)

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  1. Daniel Monhardt says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for your wonderful and most interesting work in general !
    For this particular transcription of Hassler, I agree certainly with your appreciation of the high quality of this music. Also you are surely aware that the whole work figures in the Woltz tablature, that has been edited in modern times and keys. I should also be highly interested in learning if more of the Lueneburg tablature are on your agenda. With best regards

    • admin says:

      Actually, no I did not know that the work figured in the Woltz tablature. I could have known, if I had looked for it, but I didn’t. Seems I am not the first one who thought transcribing these works for organ could be a good idea 🙂
      Nevertheless, nodern editions of Woltz tabulatura are not available in the public domain (as fas as I could find), so publishing more of Hassler’s work could be a worthwhile addition. When I published this first part, four years ago, I optimistycally wrote that I’d add more parts every once in a while. Turned out to be quite a while…

      I’d love to publish more from the Luneburg manuscript. Sadly, I only have copies of a few pages from the manuscript. I already published the complete compositions contained in these copies and the rest is incomplete. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to obtain copies of more pages from the manuscript, or perhaps even from the complete manuscript. Would be great!

  2. Daniel Monhardt says:

    Hello, thanks for the answers ! in fact a modern transcription of the Woltz tablature can be found at the Cornetto Verlag. Of course your own transcriptions could be valued for their own merits but at least it could spare your very valuable efforts for other of your always interesting transcriptions. Cheers!

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