Christian Heinrich Rinck (1770 – 1846) published his “24 leicht ausführbahre Tios für the Orgel” (24 easy playable trios for organ) as opus 20. A modern edition of 12 of these trios is available in the series “Incognita Organo” of Harmonia. The complete opus is available from Edition Musica Rinata, 2007.
An old edition containing eight of the trios is available online.

Johannes Zundel (1815 – 1882) was born in Germany, but emigrated to the United States to become John Zundel. Among his many works is a work called “The Modern School for the Organ” (Boston, Massachusetts: 1860). In the preface Zundel writes “the voluntaries are mostly selected from the works of Rinck, (whose pupil the author had the good fortune to be, and from whom he received a number of compositions, which are now herein for the first time published,) Schneider, Best, and others.”.
On the pages 104-116 he presents 8 of the 24 trios from Rinck’s opus 20. I’ll publish three of them now, perhaps I’ll do the other 5 at a later date.

The second of the three is in D major.

The recording was done on the sample set of the Müller-organ in the Sint Bavokerk in Haarlem by Voxus Organs for Hauptwerk.

Bw: Baarpijp 8′, Vox Humana 8′, Tremulant (RH)
Rw: Holpijp 8′, Tregter Regaal 8′ (LH)
Ped: Subbas 16′, Holfluit 8′

pdf_iconRinck, Trio D major




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