Ernest Grosjean (1844 – 1936) published “Pièces pour orgue ou harmonium”, a set of 56 pieces in two volumes, in 1902. The first volume contains 33 easy pieces, that can be played without the use of pedals. The second half of this volume is a section called “Pièces Funèbres”, pieces intended to be used during funeral services.

The “Offertoire funèbre” is the last one of the pièces funèbres and indeed of the entire volume. I started this series to get some experience with engraving music with more performance indications (slurs, hairpins, sforzati, manual changes, etc) than is customary in Baroque musique. Along the way I grew quite fond of the music of Grosjean. The second part of this edition is supposed to contain music with the a pedal part as well. Until now I have not been able to find a digital copy of it, so for now, this is the end of my Grosjean publications.

This last piece is very light and perhaps even uplifiting. Written for the largest part for the treble side of the keyboard, I find it a moving and comforting piece. A fitting end to this series of Grosjean compositions.

The recording was done on the sampleset, made by Augustine, of the Aeolian-Skinner Organ (Op 1132) of the Redeemer Church from New Haven.

pdf_iconGrosjean, Offertoire funébre

Grosjean, Offertoire funébre



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