Johann Baptist Anton Vallade was born circa 1720 in Ingolstadt and lived till presumably 1780 in Mendorf. Not much is known about his life. He must have been educated in or around Ingolstadt. In 1747 he first appears as an organist at the small church of Mendorf, a position he apparrently held until he disappears from history around 1780. His music was well known throughout Bavaria for its pedagogical work. He published sets of preludes and fugues for keyboard, including one, that encompasses all 24 keys. Two other sets clearly had an educational purpose: “Dreyfaches Musicalisches Exercitium” (Augsburg: Johann Jacob Lotters seel. Erben, 1755) and “Der praeludierende Organist” (Augsburg: Johann Jacob Lotters seel. Erben, 1757).

Present Edition is a modern recreation of the first of these two publications, “Dreyfaches Musicalisches Exercitium”. All 7 Preambulae were posted seperately on this site in the last few weeks. Now they are all integrated into one Edition.

pdf_iconVallade, Johann Baptist Anton, Dreyfaches Musicalisches Exercitium auf die Orgel

Audio pre’view’
Vallade, Preambulum und Fuga IV

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  1. Jean-Pierre Coulon

    December 31, 2015 at 15:07


    You’ve expanded Johann Michale Bach’s life by a century! Should be 1684_1694

    • admin

      January 3, 2016 at 08:05


      You’re right about the year of death of Johann Michael Bach, but I don’t get your point, since this post is about (the music of) Johann Baptist Anton Vallade.

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