Johann Christian Kittel, Das Jesulein soll doch mein Trost

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  1. W. Peter Roberts says:

    I have only just discovered your website. What a treasure trove it is. I much admire your dedication, generosity and perseverance in producing legible scores of beautiful music. I know, from my own experience, how difficult it can be to transcribe some of these early scores, in particular, the manuscripts with brown ink on brown paper and handwritten German. I have transcribed many manuscripts from various sources, mainly of Baroque organ music. Although I have not published them, they have been made available to friends and colleagues, who share my interests. So, very many congratulations to you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the nice words. Some manuscripts are more difficult than others, as you probably know from experience. Johann Gottfried Walther produced almost perfect manuscripts. On the other hand, the Neumeister Sammlung I’m transcribing now, seems erraneous and almost sloppy writing. Not to mention the manuscripts than are worn and torn… May I ask what you have transcribed? And what your sources were? I’m always on the lookout for suitable manuscript sources for my efforts.

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