Johann Sebastian Bach (?), Jesu meine Freude, BWV Anh. II 58

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  1. W. Peter Roberts says:

    Tobi has transcribed large amounts of Bach’s and attributed music, and has taken the appropriate actions regarding copyright. It is a website well worth a visit.

    • admin says:

      Of course I know of Tobi’s Notenarchiv. His version of BWV Anh II 58 is almost the same as mine. Yet I do not know what his source(s) (are), and how he has taken care of copy right issues. I could not find anything of that on his site. So, to be on the safe side, I do not use his scores as a source for my own.

  2. baron Münchausen says:

    A work that has not been published (i.e. made known to the public through an edition or a recording) is the property of the owner of the manuscript.
    this is called a “posthumous work” explotaton right.

    If the owner of the manuscript decides to publish the work, he is granted by law a copyright for 25 years post publication. This right to explote the work is similar to that that would have been granted to the author (or his heirs) of the work if this one had died less than 70 years ago.
    This is the law in all E.U. Countries since roughly 1990.

    in the US, the term is more complicated, but it usually is 95 years post publication, and called “copyright”.

    Hence, if the library owns the manuscript, therefore you have to ask the library authorisation to publish the work during the period following the first publication (25 y in EU, 95 y in US).

    If the library has transfered the rights to an editor, then you have to ask the editor, which usually will refuse the right for you to publish, since it is his source for business.

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